Vlog #220 - First Impression of Steem Engine - Create a Useless Coin on Steem

in dtube •  17 days ago

I share my spontaneous thought about it and is my opinion, maybe you might not be on the same page!

Website of Steem Engine: https://steem-engine.com/

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@chesatochi, thank you for sharing your point of view on this topic. I still have no clear idea what it is. So, I will wait a little bit ... let's see how it will develop.

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You seem to have an army of bots that upvote your comments! It is yours?

I believe is lame to have upvotes of this kind on every comments!


No, they are not mines. Actually, I don't have any bots. I am not a tech geek.

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I'm not sure where I stand on this as I have not given it a comprehensive read/check though I like the way you keep your opinion real and express yourself openly.

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It is great to express openly what we believe in the first place. :)

Where can I buy Chesacoin? :-)


I need to create one and spread it to the entire planet year?

I think the positive development is that it is possible to deploy tokens utilizing Steem as a payment option. This could increase the demand for Steem as projects seek blockchain solutions for their tokens and governance. While I agree that it is best to have it on our blockchain, I think that there is the potential to see that in a next phase.

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They have the right to make it happen but I don't believe in this project. I want the full SMT integrated from Steemit Inc!

More worthless coins. Just what we need to get out of this bear market :(


My view has changed drastically over useless coins lately, everyone wants to create coins without any purpose behind them. The real truth is just speculation and people try to make a quick buck out of it!