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RE: Wikileaks and Assange aren't the problem—your government is

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I still don't understand how this works, the government is supposed to be for the people so shouldn't the people know everything that goes on and if someone does share government information isn't that by definition sharing public information? Ah the grey area that is government, sigh! How do we tell them its not me, its you and I want to break up!

PS. Lol I love your videos you so passionately speak your mind and then I look at your profile pic and im like ah smiling with ducks! Its the bst


My friend that's my hotworx the government do not reward whistleblowers it messes up their groove if you know what I mean AKA bribes Lobby in under the table Kickbacks that kind of stuff do you honestly think the United States government protects whistleblowers hell no. Wars are meant to be profitable, peace pays no dividends. At least cycle dumb fucker niggars that joint up and serve they just drones just like the police you can't argue with a drone or try to prove points of law, all you can do to avoid it the Drone that is? Or get out of the drones way. That's what soldiers and cops are that the fucking drones.

I believe that voting is not done by some stupid ballot box that contains no good reason it's not totally rigged. It costs a lot of money to win an election. It costs a lot of tax payers' dollars to run a country.

Your dollar is doing the voting and always has. You can decide where it starts. If she(analogous bad girlfriend) has to buy her own meal every time from now on, if you won't pay for her ubers anymore, if she's gotta get a job, she'll move on to someone who will pay or she'll shape up if the whole town is wise to her shit.

Government was never "for the people." It's never been "by the people," either, despite the mythology of democracy. "Of the people" is the only part that's true at all.

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