Gibraltar - A piece about journeys

in #dtube5 years ago

Gibraltar is a piece about journeys and departure, which passengers of distant shores long to meet.

This piece is a collaboration of mine with my musician friend, which we composed, performed and recorded at our home studios individually, in Boston and Istanbul, and brought together through file exchange over the internet.

Sections are describing journeys, longing, grace and confrontation. The composition uses the 7/8 rhythmic cycle with the subdivision of 2-2-3.

The video was shot in Manchester by the Sea and Istanbul. It contains images of the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea.

Hope you enjoy...

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Beautiful music

thank you so much!

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I was discussing with a friend that ... your instrumental music should be used in a romantic movie, or something similar, it's beautiful.

thank you so much, it is so motivating to hear such a nice comment.

@cityofstars this is my original that i'd like to enter the contest. thanks!

alright you are in :)
please text me on discord as soon as possible i would like to make sure from something


this is my discord text me please

thanks! ok, haven't used discord before, i sent you a text but doesn't look like it came through

i saw your message and replied so please answer me on discord , waiting your message :)

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