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Hello! my steemains and Dtube lovers.
This is my presentation for review of social Dapps , contest organised by @dapplovers and sponsored by @oracle-d.tasks

Dtube is an application written in JavaScript. This works like YouTube but it is differ from YouTube in such cashes. Dtube runs in browser in which we upload video through IPFS network it is maximum resolution in 480 pixel.For using Dtube it is mandatory to have an account on steemit blockchain. although there is no maximum file size but it depends on browser quality. In present Dtube has been became most popular apps on steemit blockchain.
Dtube is the first crypto decentralized video platform on steemit blockchain. this is powered by ipfs steem and tube recently on 22 February 2019 Dtube launched Keychain, in which we can login on steemit details through steem keychain and this Dtube Got existence in previous year. Recently it has extended its feet on steemit blockchain.
@heimindanger is the CTO of this platform, besides it @superkoala is developer and server admin is @nannal of Dtube platform.
To login on Dtube platform is mandatory to have an account on steemit blockchain. First we have to enter our estimate username and then go to our profile violet then open permission column and show our hide private posting key then copy and paste it on password column.
How to upload video-it is very easy to upload video on DTube. for it first go on Dtube then click on uploading option after that drop a file by clicking on video logo. after that take a snap or upload a snap thumbnail. give the title and fill the description. use text separately in tag column, then submit. no need to fill up other column.
Dtube gives every user to opportunity to put up our thought through video.beside it @dtube encourage most of the user by massive upvote. Give priority tu quality content and quality video.
As many Expert Logos predict that in the coming time, the dtube application will leave youtube quite behind. This Blockcon works on the network so the uploaded video can not be deleted after this week. Which area needs improvement here. This platform is the most important feature that can easily be known about those upvote and downvote people. The best thing about this dtube platform is that everything here remains transparent, nothing is hidden. In place of a choice where there is an option of upvote where we can see the upvote of people. Here the comment process is based on a series that appears one after the other.
Remember the platform is quite Confidence L, where there is no need to write more, you can present your things in detail through video.
🅸🅼🅿🆁🅾🆅🅼🅴🅽🆃- there is need to improve its uploading big file system because mostly it failed.
Although this is not fault of this apps but it is causes browser quality.There is also need to improve deleting options after uploading wrong one video
🅲🅾🅽🅲🅻🆄🆂🅸🅾🅽-this is very nice and amazing platform and very easy to login and uploading video. I am using this app since August 2018 and find it more valuable than YouTube..
Thank you @dtube and your team providing such a priceless app.
And special reverence to @singhcapital for visiting my vlog
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