Cover Remember the name - Fort Minor By CelloMusic91

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Fort Minor - Remember the name

Today I bring you a song that I didn't know, it's a rap (a type of musical genre that I'm not accustomed to execute), but I like to listen a lot, I did this cover at the request of a great friend: @dandays.

At the time of studying the song, I percated its complexity when I have to incorporate classical elements as digitation, notes and "arcadas" to achieve the likeness with the initial part of this musical theme.

With no more than add, I hope you like it, despite that it's a short video, I would like to continue studying this genre to give them more covers and expand my modern repertoire.

NOTE: For some reason when I edited the video with PowerDirector, only the audio was saved and when uploading it in Dtube I realized that only the image of the thumbnail, the audio, but not the video was loaded ... so I deleted the previous post. Sorry!

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Oh my goodness that was awesome! Thank you @cellomusic91 for accepting my request, I’m so glad you did. I had a feeling you would play this song perfectly and you did not disappoint—great job, man!

Way to step up to the challenge and deliver—excellent thumbnail, too. @splatz.

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Thank you very much @dandays I'm glad you liked it!
It was a real challenge to make this cover and I enjoyed it a lot.

Sir, Yes Sir!! I am on it!!

I love what you did with this song. Good request @dandays. He has a way of bringing out great stuff in people @cellomusic91. He’s playing it loudly in our apartment for the third time as I write this. You scored yourself a couple of fans. Great job Sir! Keep up the good work :)

It's great that you like my work @puravidaville. I am very happy and grateful for all your support!

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Good lookin out @mariusfebruary!