Me Throat Singing

in dtube •  14 days ago

When I mentioned my mouth as one of the instruments of choice in a comment at @steemmat, this is kinda what I meant.

Thought I would just upload a short unedited impro clip for fun, because, well, throat singing is pretty fun. Also, it's been a long time since uploading something like this.

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Didn't catch this at first since your tag was missing a letter. This is pretty cool. I sometimes experiment with this at home for fun because it allegedly activates the pineal gland through vibration. I can barely dabble in it while you have great range and much more control. Be careful to not get too good because you'll become a monk and need to shave your signature hair.


Be careful to not get too good because you'll become a monk and need to shave your signature hair.


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I know it's not Finnish in origin, but it does somehow seem very Finnish!



Throat singing has that sort of a conjuring vibe to it, and Finns used to originally be pagans with some shamanistic practices, so it might explain the association.

Also, the funny thing is that there's this joke in Finnish internet culture about the "purest white genes in Europe" where Finns are depicted as Mongolians, lol. The idea isn't actually a new one, because it was part of some Western people's "identity politics" of its time (few hundred years ago or something) to feel superior, probably because Finns have a language belonging to the Uralic family tree which is completely different to the Indo-Europian family. In reality though Finns are genetically mostly classified as 'Northern-Europian', so closely related to other Nordic people. Though it's also true that there's a small component of some Eurasian origin especially with Eastern-Finns, but I can't remember the specifics of what gene and to what exactly it was similar – complicated stuff.

Well, this accidentally turned into an elaborated ramble about Finnish stuff – though it's not the first time it has happened... haha!