Dear Travelfeed, DTube and any other "D"apps still on Steem...

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It really doesn't matter if you support other chains, have an external website, etc. You can't continue to claim "decentralization" as a central part of your business ethos and a key value proposition of your service, if you continue to support Steem. It is like saying you are not a Nazi while continuing to go to Nazi rallies and signing people up for the Nazi party - it really doesn't matter if you do humanitarian work as well. You are still a Nazi LOL

STEEM IS NOT DECENTRALIZED. The backend is not decentralized - half the consensus witnesses are literally puppets run on a single server (single point of failure) and the other half are bought and paid for by JSun and will run any fork he says - there is a single point of control over the backend of Steem. When the recent softfork was pushed through to freeze user funds, witnesses that did not agree were dropped from consensus by JSun and the steemit Inc stake. @blockbrothers went from the #1 witness spot to a spot in the fifties with the removal of a single vote. Many of the consensus witnesses on Steem have not ever made a single post or comment on Steem. Let that sink in.

The front ends are not decentralized. The Steemit API nodes / hivemind nodes are controlled by one person and are being used for censorship.

If you continue to support Steem, at least have the good grace to remove all mentions of decentralization from your website copy and come clean to your users that you have sold them out for promise of support by a literal tyrant. Thanks.


Haha they need to take out the D out. Replace by P for poop. Pooptube. Boum!
Dtube was garbage since day 1, but you've always been excellent, facts.

Please, define support.

Offering a cross-post option is not supporting.

The front ends are not decentralized. The Steemit API nodes / hivemind nodes are controlled by one person and are being used for censorship.

Every frontend is centralized, they all have the tools to blacklist posts if they want, includes Busy/PeakD/TF/Appics/Dtube/Steemit you name it.

As much as I agree with you that whats going on with Steem is pure authoritarian centralized shit, I have to say that true decentralization is an Utopia. There's no difference in having one entity controling power and 30 (try to oppose the 30 witnesses on Hive and you'll see how it's also centralized)

Or they could just keep their favourite "D" titles, but clarify that D stands for Derelict or some such. At this time, I would rather trust Mark Zuckerberg (at least he has the world's legal systems piling intense pressure) over a bunch of weird randos with no accountability.

Hey @carlgnash

I don't know if you remember me, probably not; but I wrote a long time ago on Steemit as @herbertholmes (I have misplaced my key but I do hope to retrieve it)

I got back on Steemit because I now again have a computer and am in a different position in my life. I was exploring the comments on my old posts trying to reconnect with people I had connected with in the past.

I noticed the platform seemed surprisingly different at first. I have also noticed that many of my old friends seemed to go inactive around the months surrounding this last post of yours.

I doubt you will see this but as of 20 minutes ago I was curious what happened to Steemit and now after reading your posts and several similar ones, well I guess, this was the tip of the iceberg. If you do see this by any chance, I would love to hear about some alternative projects you have discovered. It has been a long time since I've even held a computer in my lap; needless to say I'm extremely out of the loop on these things.

Hope all is well, regardless of if you ever see this.

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