Because they don’t own her, and she’s not corrupt.

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Probably because he doesn't fit into their agenda.

First time on here, just saw you on James's channel and thankful to have been introduced to steemit / dtube and a blockchain driven medium like this. So, an additional caveat I don't know your stance on anything other than your preface: I don't believe in GOVT. Well, can't say I blame you and in my heart I feel the same, but someone like Tulsi seems like a legit Hope character that Obama appeared to represent. Maybe you were burned too hard by Obama, I personally wasnt, he was a junior senator with no history. Since I wasnt on that bandwagon maybe I didnt the hope burned from my soul. I see towards the end here she actually offers up this individualistic efforts each of us could give to make a difference, and you sound on board with that - yet you still cant say, "I am not voting, but I wish she would win, she's our best hope" It would be the honest thing to do, she needs your support in that way, she needs all the help she can get. Thanks again for getting me onboard here!

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