Donald. Trump. Is. Not. A. Republican.
Donald. Trump. Is. Not. A. Conservative.

Why do people think he is? It's mind boggling to me. I'm not an American, and am not emotionally involved in this stuff, is probably why it's so clear to me.

Yes Obama did use the espionage act more than anyone. Unfortunately the US government will always win. No matter who the president is. I hope he is able to get off on all those charges. He is a true patriot.

This is what I call - RIGHT ON THE MONEY

TDS. Taking things superficially in the middle of an information war is probably a good way to get nearly everything wrong. Making moves that are completely obvious and direct usually only is effective if your opponent is weak or powerless to stop it. It should be clear that the opponents in this are not weak and that moves against them are not superficially evident. You are going to have to bring your analysis of this game closer to where it is actually being played before you have anything useful to say about it.

This comment literally added nothing. It was a giant go around only to say. You don't know, shut up.


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You lost your crayons. Go find them.

Ya that’s the thing about amendments or anything else in the constitution. You have to protect the rights mentioned in the constitution yourself and communities have to work together to protect them. If you depend on a third party to do it then your going to loose them.

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Yeah...pretty much every time people say he'll never do something...he's probably gonna try to do it. Unless it's good. :P

Nice wrap up... resteemed.
You should put a beat under it :)

same ol same ol, them vs you

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I love it when people make things up...

I love your videos Carey! Keep the truth coming

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