D.N.T. - Let It Do the Work | Real Talk Ep. 8

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D.N.T. - Let It Do the Work - Today on this episode of Real Talk, we dig into a tip that I think is paramount for every leader, including you, because you are leading on this platform every day. Hope you enjoy this @dtube video.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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I secretly think Bob Metcap is you haha. Although you've stated your name isn't Bob.

Your storytelling ability is really interesting. Holds the interest throughout the video.

Thanks for the wisdom as always

Thanks for watching Kevin. I'm honored by the compliment :).

@kevinli "I secretly think Bob Metcap is you haha." made me laugh out loud.

very nice...goood

I can assure you that I am definitely NOT Bob Metcalfe....he is 71 years old and wayyyyyy smarter than I am, lol.

Silence can speak volumes!

But awww man don't dog on my favorite jump cuts 😢

All jokes aside point well taken brother, your execution in storytelling is spot on!

Haha! I actually like jump cuts, BUT... I think they can sometimes be over used :) Your stuff is always great man, so you certainly have no issues with it. Thanks for watching.

Yeah, I GOT to agree with @Kevinli here, you really know how to hold the attention. Without cutting all the time!
I have much to learn from you!
Have an amazing day man!

Wow thank you for the compliment man. I think we all have so much to learn from each other so I'm honored that you spent a few minutes watching my stuff :) Thank you for that.

So nice to hear that you think the same way! :)
Keep on steemin!!!

i really loved the way you started this video, instant follower. nice work man, i'll be watching from now on!

Thank you for the compliment and welcome aboard!


Sound advice..... Especially in DNT and also in pausing. Very important when speaking before a group of people, pausing........for effect, time to think. Good stuff!!

Thank you sir and I appreciate you watching.

I think I needed this advice. I have a long standing issue with awkward silence. I have been battling it all my life. Usually the worst things come out of my mouth especially at funerals. As for business meetings I try to not talk but get called on all the time to speak on issues and progress. I probably missed out on a lot of good advice or stories by filling rooms with random talk to avoid the silence. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed it. Never be afraid of the silence. Sometimes, great things come from it.

It always looks so easy but it isn't and for me you are the master of pauses on DTube @captainbob!
The reason why I'm cutting out a lot of my pauses is because I'm not satisfied with them because I'm looking away from the viewer, making annoying sounds, licking my lips and so on.
There are pauses and there are pauses and even this a some kind of art you have to practice like where to set them to keep or increase your viewers attention, keep looking into the camera and all that stuff.

I agree that cuts are necessary sometimes and I use them. I would, however, suggest that keeping a vlog conversational (because it's about you [the viewer] and I having a conversation) has real benefits. When you talk to your friends over coffee about something, I believe that same feel should be in our vlogs :)

Yes, you are absolutely right. And I guess you also mentioned that your viewer needs to get the chance to process a message until you continue talking. Otherwise he probably won't be able to follow you from a specific point.

Interesting stuff Bob. I use long pauses in my masonic ritual and often get comments from the old past masters that my delivery has good pacing. Sometimes it causes the prompter to jump in though, which is kinda frustrating!

Similarly, when playing music in a band or jam setting, you can tell the more experienced musicians (of which I am one) as they don't feel they have to be filling every bar with all the notes that they can. I try to let the music breath and move.

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You have some great nuggets @captainbob!

I like that @captainbob! I love that it is as simple as three letters. Often the silence is just opportunity. Not just an opportunity for another person to speak, but for feelings to grow. If a "leader" goes hard non stop you don't even get a chance to feel...haha you are just trying to hold on and keep up. Nice video. Be well!

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