Global Block Builders - Austin, TX

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I had the great opportunity to make my way to Austin, TX and hang out with some amazing people at the Global Block Builders conference. If you ever get an opportunity to attend blockchain functions, take full advantage and make your way to one of these. Fantastic chance to learn more about the technology and many projects that are making their into the blockchain space.

Thanks to @larrymorrison, @steemcafe, @kenmelendez, @daveonarrival and everyone else involved in helping put this together. Was a great time.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Sounds awesome, I'd like to go one day

It's hard to believe that w/ the hundreds of hours of footage you took. I was only in the video for a couple of moments. It's as if you forgot how important I am and how unimportant everyone else was. 🤣😂🤣. But then again this feels like a new thing for you. Filming & editing. Sure one day you will get a hang of it. I like to tell a "STORY" when put video together. Wish you best of luck w/ this. Told that hard work & dedication can over come lack of talent. ..... You are the true heart of GBB. 💓❤️💕💗💙💚💛🧡💜🖤💟 Thank you for being a part of the team. -resteemed-

Hahaha. I’ll keep working on it 😂😂

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hahaha oh man I can't believe i am just seeing this post now! This was freaking hilarious. What a fun idea for a video from the conference! 😂

I loved seeing little video clips from so many of the speakers and the different shots around Austin too! Great vlog from the conference. The sassy look Mary gave me on stage in the clip you showed is hilarious. lol

Yeah I had fun with that one. Those 4 dudes are always good sports when I pull something like that, haha. Thanks for watching!

Hey, Captain Bob! What kind of camera did you use? I was checking out the source video and it's really smooth footage. Hope all is well BTW. :)

This was shot mainly with a LUMIX GH5 and a little bit of iPhone XS Max.

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kills me that i wasn’t there.

thanks for doing this. in some small way, feels like i was there now lol

You were missed but duty called :D

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yeah. and she’s still preggo lol Doc says this week or next.

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Great video, CaptainBob! Cool to see it from your perspective. Resteemed.

Absolutely, crazily, amazingly fantastic job putting this together @captainbob. I was cracking up! Footage and music was so on point as well. Had such a memorable time with you guys. Appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me for some real talk. Until the next one... Cheers 🍻

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Thanks! It's always fun to hang out Ken. Next time....butter chicken is on me.

Good stuff, been waiting for content on global block builders, I've only seen a few videos on it. Great editing along with the music. Good stuff, I like how everyone did everything haha.

Thanks buddy. I had a good time at the conference and making the video, haha.