A Day in the Life | Attitude of Gratitude

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Just another day in the Life and an opportunity to have an attitude of gratitude. Thanks for watching.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Great stuff

Every day is an adventure to which we all should look forward --- with care. Believe it or not, your blessings added up before this incident, and it was the accumulation of those blessings that prevented a worse outcome.

Perhaps that is correct. I'm thankful.

Absolutamente acertado...

Gratitude is a core value that an average human should have. A grateful person will always receive more

I believe this to be true as well.

Es equilibrio universal feedback de las buenas acciones

It is great news everyone was okay. I laughed when you said your wife called needing a tow and you wanted to run there. It is a good thing instead of complaining about the damage done, you chose to give thanks.

One thing about gratitude, it encourages more to be done for you. When some gives you $1 and you are honestly appreciative, it may spur than person to give you $5 next time because there is an intrinsic joy a giver feels when is efforts are highly appreciated.

Real advice from the Captain.

All is well now that's heartening to hear..Wish them all the health and blessing..you seriously talk very graciously ,giving idea of the fact why you are where you belonged to :)

Sorry about your car. It looks bad but I am glad that no one was injured in the car accident. Accidents are scary. been there.

Thank you. Grateful no one was hurt as well.

"Attitude of Gratitude". No that's a quote to live by. So glad that your wife and son are ok. You have great perspective on the situation it is a lot easier to just get upset. I applaud you. Keep the great videos coming. Hope your day today is less eventful

You know I'm truly thankful all is well today. I truly feel blessed.

Oh dear, the car looks really bad. Might be totaled but I’m no specialist. Thankfully nobody got injured.

Yes, no idea what they will decide on the car. Either way, everyone is safe and I'm thankful.

One thing I would be super grateful for is if my garage was as organized as yours. I'm glad no one was hurt. That's exactly the attitude I would of had. Everything happens for a reason and it serves us.

HA! I won't show you the other side where it is a mess, lol. I try to keep it tidy, but you know how it is.....the struggle is real man!

I'm glad she's ok. Life is so fragile. I'm really sorry about the car, but like you said, this can be replaced. I'm glad that which cannot be replaced wasn't taken.

Indeed. The family is safe and that is all that matters :) Thank you my friend.

Glad everyone is OK Skipper. I think, for me anyway, that feeling of gratitude has become more natural with age and experience. It was a different story when I was younger. Thanks for posting, look forward to the next one.

I tend to agree my friend. Perhaps that is wisdom, although I try to approach it with as much humility as I can so I'm hesitant to use that word for myself, hahaha.

Wow that car looked a lot worse than I thought! I'm glad everyone is ok! Lucky they have you to sort out all the other stuff the day after the accident :P

Yes, it was worse than I initially thought as well. Grateful all of them are ok and we'll get the silly car fixed up in no time I'm sure :)

Gosh, sorry to hear about the disruption and I'm glad everyone is okay. I like your message today. I've been working on that too.

In the grand scheme of things, the disruption is pretty minimal. Thanks for watching!

Life is fragile. Thank God nobody get hurt

Glad everyone was OK.

Indeed. Me as well.

Praise the Lord everyone is ok!

Yes, I'm very thankful.

Thank God everyone's okay. I was on the edge of my seat when you said "car accident" and held my breath until you said everyone's okay. It's interesting how every minute after that is worth it. The routine you normally dislike brings you joy doing it just to be close to your loved ones.

I try to stay positive or at least not complain. This is a lesson I've learned from a distant relative/high school teacher of mine. She is the kind of person who has a beaming face. I've never seen him get mad or angry. I will always remember her beautiful smile. Her secret: She never complains. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer and had to succumb to it. She was well loved by those who attended her because she never complained. She always smiled.

She taught me a lesson by not telling me but by showing me. To be grateful always. Never complain. She is a person who had an attitude of gratitude.

Yes it is amazing the things folks can teach us through their actions. Thanks for watching.

Thanks for your attitutude. :-)

Attitude of Gratitude! Thats one awesome title. Thanks for the share, very insightful and meaningful :)

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when ever i try to find some positive things from life ... Disgraceful as well as disrespectful. Oh well, just another day in the life

We always have to give thanks, this helps us to tune the

Cheers to gratitude!

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