**A Merry Litmas Party 2018**

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Wassup stoners!?
Here's a mini vlog of the events that took place at A Merry Litmas party hosted by 2 girls 1 bong! It was definitely LIT!!
It's the weekend, hope you're all staying faded e.e
Shot and edited by muah! <3

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Dropping you a 1 steem minnowpond boost :)

Canna-Girls ;) Merry xmas and 2019 is going to be the cannabis community of the block chain's year. We are taking over, for we don't shun people, and welcome all. Also have you ever thought of having your own radio show? Like maybe show everyone that woman in the cannabis community are bad ass.

Happy holidays :)
And i have not thought about that. But that does sound like a dope idea :)

Wu tang!

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Wu Tang Forever **

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