Dealing with Air Leaks and Solar System Progress - Renegade's Home Build vlog #49

in dtube •  last month  (edited)

Another rainy and gloomy weekend. It's been raining so much it doesn't even feel like summer yet. Today, I continue to work on the poly and it is getting close to being finished. I also take a look at the progress our electrician has made on our solar system in the past week. We are still waiting for the solar panels to be delivered though...

I apologize for the poor lighting. The overcast was so heavy that some of the content I talk about can't be seen very well. The lighting was so bad, I even had to discard some of the footage! I realized post filming that I can turn on my phone's torch while filming so future videos should clearer even if we have similar low light conditions.

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Awesome tour of the project wishes you all the best with the last steps and touch-ups. Always find it fascinating to see how people are building in other parts of the world. We almost never build with wood this side! I'd love to go fully solar here we have great sun it's just the options we have are pretty expensive and clunky.

Thanks! I also find it interesting the different materials and building techniques that are used in other regions. Solar is a big investment for us but it would also be fairly expensive to hook up to to grid power.