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Today on Ask Cahlen I'm answering the question, "Yes or no?"

The person who asked this made sure to clarify that it was a serious question and so I'll go ahead and answer it and say, "Yes and no." The reason I say that is because I believe, to steal a phrase from George Kavassilas, this is a universe of contrasting expressions.

Now I don't think all universes are necessary like this but it definitely seems to be that our universe is. So just a few examples... You can't have up without down. Without down up wouldn't make any sense. In order for up to exist you have to have the opposite of it which is down. The same would be true of light and dark. You can't have dark without light. Dark is the absence of light and so in order for darkness to exist there has to be something called light.

So there's lots of different examples of that. I'm sure you could think of many more and I think that's basically how the universe works. Even when getting into physics and stuff like that there's the electron and then there's the proton which seem to be opposites of each other, and then even the electron itself has an opposite other than the proton which I think is called a positron which is basically the inverse of what an electron is doing. Even if you think about just the wave, and everything in the universe is essentially energy which is just vibration, and vibration is going back and forth between two opposites.

So that's that's what how I understand the universe to operate, and so if the question is just, "Yes or no?" then I have to answer, "Yes and no." I hope that was useful! I'm not sure what the question was aimed at.

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Thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time!

Cahlen Lee

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