Ask Cahlen - Who is Dean Clifford?

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Today on Ask Cahlen I am answering the question, "Who is Dean Clifford?"

Dean Clifford was a significant voice in the freedom movement a few years back. He stepped out of the more public view after he was bullied by the system he was revealing. His primary focus was revealing the governments of the world as voluntary membership organizations which give the impression they rule a geographical area by relying on the ignorance of its population. Those who are aware of the scam can step out of it, assuming they are willing to deal with the inconvenience that may come along with it.

Dean Clifford now works primarily behind the scenes on his private membership organization Earth Stewardship Cooperative ( whose mission statement is to provide a better alternative to what governments currently offer.

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As a proud member of the Earth Stewardship Cooperative it is an honor to be able to network with Dean.

We are a well informed group of people so if you have an extra $10 a month (Canadian) you might want to consider joining up. We are a private society NOT a secret society.