Crypto Gaming - Earn EOS Playing Texas Hold 'em at PokerKing

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In this segment of Crypto Gaming with Cahlen Lee, I show you one of my favorite games on the EOS Blockchain... Texas Hold 'em!

There are several options for playing Texas Hold 'em to earn the EOS Cryptocurrency, but PokerKing is my favorite at the moment. The interface is simple, it uses very few of my blockchain resources, and it seems to have the most active players.

At the moment, this is the 2nd most lucrative Crypto Game for me, and helps me to pay for my dedicated server, Amazon Gift Cards and Gold & Silver Coins.

Get in touch with me ([email protected]) if you need help creating an EOS Wallet so that you can play.

You can check the game out here:

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Thanks for the tutorial Cahlen. Nice win doubling up with that Ace high flush. Once I get myself set up we are going to have to play poker together sometime. I think I can play just with the little bit of EOS you sent me to help me get started with the Gold Rush game.

Epic beard too by the way Cahlen :-).