What is Scientism?

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Today on Ask Cahlen I'll be answering the question, "What is Scientism?"

Scientism is a dogmatic belief system, no different than any other religion, which holds that through the use of science we already understand how the universe works on a fundamental level. Like any other religion it has its priests, saints, churches, rituals and heresies.

It's important to keep in mind Scientism and Science are not the same thing. Science is the pursuit of truth while always keeping in mind that you could be wrong, and maintaining the willingness and desire to change your mind. Scientism is essentially the opposite of Science, as it has decided it already knows the truth and declares disagreements to be heresy.

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Funny how they stem from the same word yet have completely different meanings.
By the way, are you still active on steemnova? I only started a little while ago. I tried searching for the Sovereign alliance to no avail.

Hi @proto26, sorry for the late reply. Ya, I'm active on SteemNova, but I moved the LogicForce alliance after they reset the server a month or so ago.

No problem
Don't know if you remember me but I'm in LogicForce too! I ask a lot of questions