Understanding The Riemann Hypothesis Through The Solar Eclipse

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Understanding The Riemann Hypothesis Through The Solar Eclipse

Futurist @xaviorfx explains how tomorrow's solar eclipse relates with the Riemann Hypothesis. This is the most famous problem in mathematics, with a million dollar prize for the discoverer. It is one of the “Millennium Prize Problems.”

How Does Mathematics Perceive the Solar Eclipse?

The sun and the moon affect each other in interesting ways. Each of these celestial circles affects our planet, as Xavior illustrates here. And the affect between the combined forces of the sun and moon affects our planet even more. In some way (beyond this documentarian's limited understanding), mathematics allows us to measure and predict these effects.

What's My Personal Takeaway?

There is clear synchronicity between the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, and the answer to the Riemann Hypothesis. To me, these circle symbols hint at the relationship between mathematics and spiritual oneness. "Interbeing" is the art of existing simultaneously with other energetic bodies, including people, plants, animals, elements, celestial objects, and other bodies known and unknown. Just as the moon forces the tides to rise and fall, and just as the sunflowers bend to follow the sun, you and I affect each other. We affect everything in the universe, and everything affects us.

Because we all affect, and we are all affected, we must be conscious of our thoughts, words, and actions. The wellbeing of all of us who live and breathe here now on Earth depends on our combined efforts. The Standing Rock movement called me to stand up for my "greater family," which is all of us, when I defended the water protectors as a filmmaker there. It was the first time in my life that I felt a burning desire to serve others. I am so thankful for the experience, because it opened my eyes to the essential resource that clean water is, and the beautiful thing that is living in harmony with Nature.

Through Steemit, and other breakthroughs, I'm seeing a variety of new movements that are helping us to join forces for the common good of all, including Unify (see http://unify.org). We all know that Steemit is one of the key platforms where we can rally and grow together. My belief is that Steemit is already helping us to learn from our history, and understand the present in new ways. Steemit is leading us on the path toward higher consciousness. Can you feel it? Are you with me?

Aho mitakuye oyasin. I honor all of my relations.


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Yep, I can definitely feel it. :) Steemit is a real breakthrough in communication and transfer of information - and being paid to share information.

Love the phrase 'Interbeing' - it's not one I've heard before. But it makes complete sense. The law of cause and affect is such a primal one.

Cheers, and followed!


Rock on! Yes, Interbeing is a phrase I learned through Thich Nhat Hanh, a monk who writes on loving kindness through meditation. My favorite book of his is called Being Peace, with a brilliant chapter on the virtues of smiling. :)


Oh hey, I've heard of him. Will have to search out that book. Thanks! :)