Xclipse Day 2017 Final Preparations - Calling All Xscape Artists

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Xclipse Day 2017 Final Preparations - Calling All Xscape Artists

My Family's Visit With A Man From The Future

On the eve of Xclipse Day, we had the pleasure of interviewing @xaviorfx, who shared his astronomical findings about the solar Xclipse and its relationship to the Riemann Hypothesis (the most famous problem in mathematics). Although Xavior is relatively new to Steemit, he is a living legend as a futurist here in in Austin, Texas, and I am delighted to share the "Art In The Moment" we created together.

In the words of Xavior:

“On Xclipse Day 2017, as the sun casts its shadow across North America, by sundown the Riemann Hypothesis will have been fully Xclipsed. And billions will know how is this math problem and this question about the nature of numbers has affected and interacted with global wars and with advancements in technology. And we will learn what that means to our future. And so this story that wants to be birthed, it's not just a historical account of what has been. It is an awareness of the wisdom that lies within what has been so that we can find out what will be. And we can choose what we want to be.”

What Is Art In The Moment?

Art In The Moment is what we call the music, the movement, and the brushstrokes created on-the-fly, synchronized, in community.

This happens when two or more are gathered together... It is a glorious spirited experience. We often speak of the artists' ability to achieve the 3D nature of creative expression. For example, in the primary dimension, a solo singer has the experience of feeling fully the vibration of the vocal chords, and the words, and the melody, along with the audible sound through the ears, and more. In the secondary dimension, a singer with a choir of voices gains the next-level experience of the boosted dynamic range, and harmony, and synergy, as the voices unite, intermingle, and find common ground. In the tertiary dimension, a singer gains the Spirit element as well, reaching to the heights and depths with a choir of voices, accompanied by the wind, rain, fire, the heartbeat of the earth, and other presences, both horiXontal and vertical.

What Can Xscape Artists Do Today?

Activate a Steemit account. Find the creative spirit in you and in another. Co-create!

The Youniverse is telling us that we (I and you) are instrumental in writing the new book, or receiving the new hymn, or conceiving the new mural... Whatever this next phase is, we artists are the ones designed to create it together. “This story is the future and the future is now,” as Xavior so artfully says. Steemit is one of the tablets where our wonder-working will be recorded in history, a hundred years from now. Steemit will allow us to access the greater Xstory and participate in it. This Xstory will be continually told through the Riemann RevoluXion.

Co-creaXion allows us to explore new possibilities, even joining forces with The Creator, who created us with the ability to create. Each of us know of our natural talents, gifts, and blessings. The Creative Age is right here, right now. You already know this. The evidence is in the daily requirement for creative thinking. The evidence is in the massive Xhilaration that is felt through artistic achievement. The evidence is in the crumbling of the old paradigm, and the need for writers, painters, dancers, actors, trailblazers, artrepreneurs, and birth doulas of the new paradigm.

This Xclipse Day, the moon's shadow will fall directly on the North American continent. We will surely feel the weight of this shadow, and some of us will see the shadow side of ourselves, which will allow us to illuminate the useless thoughts, the hurtful words, and the damaging actions. We will rise up with renewed strength of Spirit by transmuting the negative energy and turning it into positive energy. We will burn away what does not serve, feeding it to the new sun, and the might of its Light.

“Xchange is the art of the RevoluXionist. Let us be the paint and the brush.” – @xaviorfx

Mr. Joseph Xavior Patterson, speaking here, is the founder of XaviorFX and Fuel The RevoluXion. His visionary game, Xscape Artistry, invites artists, musicians, and all of us with creative spirit to join forces and pool together our artwork into a shared art catalog that can be mastered, valued, and sold. The collection pool will then shared with all contributors, whose individual contributions will be tracked, recorded, and awarded. This exercise demonstrates the truth that we can actualize our hearts' desires, allowing us to be the change we wish to see in the world.

All content is original. By @cabelindsay.

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Where can I find out more information about this Xscape Artistry game?


Great question. Here's a vid we recorded live:


the hearty creative party.


Hey, that's got a nice ring to it. The heARTy Party.

Next level ... thanks for the great content :)


Oh yeah, my pleasure! This guy @xaviorfx is a true genius in mind, heart, and soul. It's a real blessing to know him. Thanks for your comment.