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It has been a while from our last Beach trip. Join us today as we leave Lake Atitlan in the AM and arrive to the black sand beaches for sunset.

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That looks so peaceful. I enjoy the show.


Well;there was vomit, diarrhea, questions about arrival and all sorts of other blessings on this journey. Peace was present... the show was the pleasantries.

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Nice to see you chilling with the fam m8. That sunset was awesome and the red snapper on the grill looked dam good!

Have fun on the vacay 😎

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Thanks’s good to have the escape for sure. Glad to spend the time with friends! And the kid crew is what it’s really all about! That snapper is certainly snippedy snap worthy!

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Thoroughly enjoyable and cute at the same time <3


Glad you dug dispassion!

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My pleasure :D


My pleasure :D

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A nice family vacay!! Looks like fun :)
And glad they were dead fish on the bbq hehehe

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Almost as cool as DDaily Mansion!
Love me some Tom Petty - good choice. Enjoy the break my friend!

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