ETHIOPIAN CUISINE - a 360% experiment

in dtube •  3 months ago 

I was home for 1 night while in transit to SF4. I picked up the new 360% GoPro Max. Here is my first trial key framing and editing 360% of camera angles. Lol... i have a lot to learn.... but i look forward to the challenges.
Join me today as we eat one of my favorite types of food. Ethiopian Cuisine. Tasty, tasty and i love the visceral reality of eating with your fingers!

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360 seems fun to try but not easy to edit for sure but you did amazing there

Haha that looks amazing! I just checked out a few 360 cams asa well but I did not decided which one yet :D We can make a 360 crew broooo!

Have fun at the steemfest man :)