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Happy New Year! In the first episode of 2019, Episode 16 of The Bull Pen Podcast, The Crypto Bully steps into the Bull Pen with Sheel Patel who is the CEO of a cryptocurrency inspired energy drink. In this episode Lyndon and Sheel talk about how Bitcoin Energy came about, what makes it different from other energy drinks and how cryptocurrency is incorporated into this product and business. Lyndon also tries Bitcoin Energy for the first time live during the interview and expresses his opinion on its taste. They also discuss other blockchain and cryptocurrency topics such as the current bear market, how blockchain/crypto is affecting other industries and what they believe will be the next main focuses in the market.



00:00:00 – Preview
00:00:49 – Disclaimer
00:01:37 – Intro
00:02:24 – Interview
01:19:33 – Outro


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Bitcoin Energy Website/Order | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Happy New Year everyone! I started 2019 off right with an awesome and excitingly interesting interview about a Bitcoin energy drink. Hope everyone enjoys!