E17: The World's Most Secure Online Wallet

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In Episode 17 of The Bull Pen Podcast, The Crypto Bully steps into the Bull Pen with Del Thomas. Del is CEO of the security technology company Torricel and comes onto the show as a SME investor and over 10 years of experience with electronics design, production and distribution. As a result of his own personal experiences within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Torricel has developed an amazing technology that always allows for your hot wallet’s private keys to remain offline and protect from the network . Lyndon and Del further discuss exactly how this technology came about, the capabilities of its scalability, if it is unhackable and what this technology could mean for mass adoption.



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Torricel Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Telegram | Reddit | Gitter


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I had a blast picking Del's brain about the awesome technology that Torricel is behind. I really believe this could change the game from a mass adoption perspective. Be sure to take a listen and hear it for yourself.