Playground with ecologic-natural elements + excited experience with lay down on the rope ladder...

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Evening release of creative stories. And so today I will tell about the spontaneously found original playground. One day I was walking with my sister and remembered, that there was a playground in the area.

I went to that place and plunged into the park, I was surprised.
There was a complete restoration. The children's playground was separated from the territory of the park by a rope ladder. The rope ladder was made on both sides of a wooden house on a tree. From the hole in that house was built a slide.


In the middle of the playground there were several elements: springs for jumping, bridge, swings, benches, tonel for crawl, pipe for negotiations.

This playground has a feature, it has a lot of ecologic-natural elements. For example, the tunnel consists of a laid down land hil and metal pipe.


The height of the bridge which is part of the playing space is created by means of the earthen hills.


By the way, still on the playground, I noticed original swing. There were four, they perfectly restrain the balance. Meanwhile, my Daria taught to overcome the fear on the rope ladder of her new acquaintance.


And here, too, I decided to contribute to this beautiful active atmosphere and lay down in the middle of the rope ladder on which children are actively moving. At first they tried to tell me their claims, but my charming-cute look reassured them and we came to an agreement.

There are also multi colored garbage cans on the territory, which help keep playground clean.


Here is such a rich experience we had. I believe you were curious to read my fascinating story. Thank you for viewing! I wish you all the good mood.

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What a beautiful playground so nice to see it so well maintained and clean

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)