Overview of the coolest "Greenwood" apartment complex filmed going on a GiRoBoArD

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Somewhere near Lviv in the elite town of Bryukhovychi is located a high-quality residential complex "Greenwood", which consists of two houses, one five storey and the other four storey. It is surrounded by pines behind a towering wall with one exit which is strictly guarded.


Here the area is very clean with landscaping designs with well-cut grass - like paradise, behind a golden cage. There are very expensive apartments here. This is where a very respectable society and their little major children gathered.


A lot of people dream of living here.
And where would you like to live?
Would you like to live here or do you want to live in a beautiful private mansion? And maybe you don't care about the area and you would like to live in a high-rise building closer to the city center to be close to all communications?
I came here today to visit my relatives for a walk, they have recently purchased a new vehicle - a heroboard.


I found myself having fun. It was very exciting to ride on it. When you go on this transport, on this electro-board, you feel at ease and reunited with it. Seems like you're taking off now. You look in front of you with a fire look and flight through the wind and cut it. (Correction: cannot be overclocked very well on it because it stops and ejects the passenger in compliance with safety requirements.)

I came up with the idea of ​​making a video tour of the whole area of this residential complex because when you go on a giroboard you get very smooth shooting.



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