Unexpected Motor Cleanup

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Yesterday was a fishing day. My girls just returned from 2 weeks away at camp and the first thing they wanted to do was go fishing. They had seen pictures of some of the great fish we had been catching over the past two weeks and couldn’t wait to get out on the water. We love morning fishing so everyone was up early and ready to go. 7:00 AM the boat is in the water, supplier ready and everyone eager to get out there and land a big one. All that is left to do is get the motor revved up and we will be on our way. A task that would prove difficult and futile. The motor would not start.

After 30 minutes of tinkering with the motor and nothing happening, we sadly decided to pack it in. We went and did a little shore fishing but unfortunately, it is harder to catch bigger fish from shore on this river. I resolved to deal with the motor when we got home.

Once home I pulled the cap off the motor again and continued with my tinkering. I remembered that we had had some really heavy rain over the past week and had a sneaky feeling that things got a little wet inside. Things were also starting to look a little dirty so I decided that I would give the motor a good wipe down and a cleaning. Especially the spark plugs. When I pulled the caps off them they were quite coated with crud so a good wiped down was certainly in order.


The motor started up on the first pull after some tender loving care. I must tell you, there was some excitement in the air and the girls were jumping for joy.

“Can we go fishing now?” So, we loaded the boat back up and went out to do a little early evening fishing, something we had been wanting to do for a little while. Everyone had a blast, we caught about 25 panfish and Steph had a monster bass on her line that flew up about a foot out of the water and snapped her line. That was exciting!!!. Then the night was capped off with this:

3 LB Largemouth Bass

I guess it was fate to fish in the evening.

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Awesome! Glad you got it running and got out and caught some fish. Nice bass!

Awesome! Glad you got
It running and got out and
Caught some fish. Nice bass!

                 - myhuntingfishing

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yeah, I was super happy when it started up. Sometimes it can be something so little that keeps things from working properly. The bass was an exciting catch. He was super active and put on a little show for us jumping out of the water.

Ahhhhh. The sweet sound of VICTORY. Nicely done.

Pretty darn nice looking compensation for being forced to evening fish. That's a good looking bass.

He was great. Did a couple nice jumps out of the water for us. Might have to do a little more night fishing.

Moral : we should cover up our valuable things .

You said it!!!

This is awesome!! Fate for evening fishing for sure! Glad you got the motor running again. and that is one awesome looking bass. Did you keep all of the panfish as well? That is a lot of cleaning! haha

Yeah, it was a busy night of cleaning fish. Stay tuned for a possible “Filleting a Bass” video. 😉

Oh that will be awesome! Looking forward to it. :)

That fish looks like the perfect reward for all your hard working cleaning that motor xx

It was so much fun. I really wish Steph would have got her fish in though. I am sure it was a 5 LB'er. The thing was a monster.

get her on steemit and she can share the pic herself!!

Thats a whole days work right there!! I went out Saturday on my buddies boat and when we were starting up, it struggled as well. Eventually it started but i wonder if the 2 weeks of rain we had played some part as well 🤔

You never know, I usually have the motor covered up but I had forgotten the cover last time out.

Weve had so much rain lately also, most of ours here on the east coast comes from the west( Bronco Land) 😁. I had a 10 gallon bucket next to my house and it was 3/4 of the way filled with rain water in almost a week!

Wonderful a family that fishes together and all that! Looks like amazing catch. I haven't eat lake fish in awhile, but I love it.

The kids can't get enough of fishing. We are going out again tomorrow morning.

Hey, @broncofan99. Nothing worse than a motor that won't start. Especially one that has been doing just fine. Glad you were able to figure all that out the first time, though I bet you've had some experience at this before. And congratulations on the haul. Haven't ever had pan fish before. Come to think of it, I don't think I've tried bass either. :)

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