Magic Dice vs. Moonsteem Pro/Cons Rollin' Virtual Bones!

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After playing Magic Dice for a couple months and Moonsteem for about a week I wanted to give you guys my honest review of both sites. Both Dapps are fair play for players and both can find a way to cater to every type of player from conservative to vary aggressive. For larger players Magic Dice is Awesome but Moonsteem has created a game that can fit everyone's budget. If you want to check out either game by just watching please feel free to click the links below and watch a few might even see some of your friends on the Steem Blockchain playing already!! (Click the link for access to the Magic Dice Game) (Click the link for access to the Moonsteem Game)

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Now..Steem is getting into a gamers paradise with so many games coming up...I have tried Magic-Dice ...but looking forward to play moonsteem...heard of it once...thanks for the honest review.

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time to dice up the things

I prefer magic dice more because it looks more professional to play. I feel more comfortable playing magic dice than moonsteem

Thank you very much for this useful video

I have played the two games and if i am to compare the two. Like you said, magic dice for big games players but moonsteem has been created for everybody budget but i will still go for magic dice

Both are indeed great games to play. Both have a thrill factor. But I prefer moonsteem at the moment. I can let this one run for hours, something I can’t do for Magicdice!

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heh heh.. thanks.. I've been losing on both platforms ... unlucky me !

But for sure entertaining

Let us know what you think about Steem-Bet once you check it out

I wish you never typed this....

What, did you get rekt?

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You are mooning out there bro :)

How to play this moonsteem game please advice through live video sir .

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nice video
also watch this video

Why should I play this outside #halloween period? :O

Nice video! Lets get go to play! I love all this game😀

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