LMAO! Hackers Tell US Govt. "Bitch Betta Have My Money"

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Is 9/11 about to be blow wide open by the hackers known as the "Dark Overlords"? The group had apparently hacked into computers and stolen files about 9/11 that could blow up the story.

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Just For the Record I believe almost NOTHING in the "Official" 9/11 Attacks. A day that will forever have un-answered questions.....Unless these hackers don't get their way OR "Q" is actually real. Go Long Popcorn, the wold is about to get interesting for sure.

I heard about this story. If they have the info why not just release it. Do you know how people will be able to learn what was exposed?


Say what you will. I wouldn't want to be blackmailing the cia/nsa/etc organizations. Would be a scary life.

I'll tell you what, if the government has anything to do with the carnage of the 9/11 attack they will surer then hell cough up the big bucks.
Some of the most underhanded events that have taken place in our nation's history have been carried out by people employed by the Federal Government without the knowledge of their superiors, including the president.
I listen to very little news especially main stream media.
When I do need to tune in I will usually go directly to BBC.

This may be the event that opens the can of worms.

The deep state is there to watch us.

The attackers can get info from anywhere damnn

I wouldn't be surprised if they do pay to be honest.

I hope the US government will immediately know this

Yes sir hackers always try to hack our secret information. So we should always conscious.. You are great sir @broncnutz

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Nice video buddy

The hacking group has been kicked off of twitter and reddit - now re-homed on steem, here: @thedarkoverlord

Wow, well I guess either way it’s good news. We shall see, please keep us updated

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I hope they actually have the info and i hope its bad! i really want the truth to come out.

OMG. Thats enough. Sad


Whats sad about this? The fact that somebody out there might actually have THE TRUTH???? The truth will never make me sad. I hope these hackers do have this info and I hope they release it to the world to see.

I thought the attackers have been known? I thought it was discovered that it was the Saudi's responsible for the attack?


Well there is no official story saying so from the White House. There is speculation that many were involved. The story sure is very fishy, tha'ts for sure.

Some days ago hacker hack my facebook id. I hate hacker. Hacker share your personsal information. Thats not good thing.

Interesting we just hope to see what the hackers will let the world know about 9/11 events , that the world does not know for now @broncnutz

What I understand is there is a direct energy weapon that can destroy concrete and steel to dust !! On top of realistic holograms

Oh thats so sad :(