Aspen, Colorado Featuring "Devil's Punch Bowl" & Independence Pass. Drone Footage!

in dtube •  10 days ago 

Don't Forget to MAXIMIZE your viewing screen to take it all in! If your ever summer vacationing in Colorado, this is a drive you wont want to miss. There are several little "Gems" Colorado has to offer but this drive up Independence Pass is fantastic. There are many areas you can't get to so I decided to bring the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and give you are real taste of how grand the Rocky Mountains really are and all of the things there are to see. Enjoy!

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Great video. The scenery reminds me of my home country.

Thank you sir! It took foever to upload because i use a very high setting for clarity.

You're pretty skilled to navigate the drone so close to the river among all those trees.

LOL....I was extremely nervous. Especially that waterfall because it was so far up that mountain. I filmed that at 650 Feet or so. I have flown lots and lots of hours on that drone in a lot of tight spots. its a great product.

I love it. Colorado really looks like my home country. Lots of mountains, beautiful nature, waterfalls - the difference is, that it's harder here to get to the top of the mountain. Only few mountain passes with a road. For the rest - you have to use good old hiking boots and a couple of hours of your time.

Would love to visit Colorado someday for a week or two and go hiking. I'm sure i'll do that someday in the future.

wow! what a beauty can you tell why it is called "Devil's Punch bowl"

Very cool video. An amazing post to start a day with. Thanx for sharing.

Awesome Stuff @broncnutz

Una buena alternativa natural muy admirable! Saludos Bro!

Now that's the best thing to watch today it was incredible !

Clear water in the middle of the rock. Really beautiful.

very interesting recording in Colorado

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This sure seals the identity of Colorado in this video. Spectacular camera work/smooth edits and cool music. A real trifecta! You should buy a ticket this week.

Those panoramic views of the mountains were an unspoken promise and you came through. That was a pretty gutsy move to use it on those ranges and the water, but, you must really be extremely gifted or confident. They all came out brilliantly.

Is that little cutie the reason for your new found happiness? You are always happy, but, now... you are just downright glowing like a little schoolgirl. ;)

Thanks for the showing off with the beauty of Colorado! As always, have a great night!