Can @thedarkoverlord Moon Shot the Price of STEEM?? **EXPOSED**

in dtube •  8 months ago 

If @thedarkoverlord is legit and they really got the goods.......the price of Steem is about to fly sky high!

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what a great news brother

Let all of us just hope that things works out it it is said, because we need alot of persons on the platform in other for the steem blockchain to be among the top 10 blockchain in the world @broncnutz

I hope this is true... I hate using facebook et al anymore. Would love to see all my peeps come over here to the blockchain <3


Spread the STEEM Gospel to Reddit and Quora. Convert them to STEEM.

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ya, censorship is getting worse in social media, They simply use "company policy" or "community policy" to censore material and put people in "jail" or banned from social media for a length of time.

We really need free speech and hear opinions from all sides.

Hahahaha. You sound pretty excited about this :)
Let's wait and see. Looks like we're off to the moon bro.

Hey Ade.. if this is true.. Diamonds are a girls best friend :D

Lets see how much it can be prove a true in this coming future so we can say that we know it already. Lol

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You talk right sir @broncnutz its decreasing day by day, by the way i sanguine its a high so imediete and we are enjoying this moment

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I'm hearing from other forums that one of the Layer 2 documents indicates Flight 93 was shot down by the military. If so, that's already a pretty huge revelation.

If it keeps getting worse than that, hang on to your collective asses.

Lets hope this is right and we see a massive change in this work as that what it will do. It could be the end of the world as we know it 💯🐒

I hope they don't pay yo be honest, we need to hear the truth!..
But if they do pay up and we do get a bounce in the cryptoverse the whales will just bleed it out like they have with everything else.. so let's get some fucking truth! Wake the people!

If really the price of Steem is about to fly sky high. so i will give you party @broncnutz

I hope this news be true and we see steem price someday in top 10

On the next crypto bum will see it sky rocketing!
Coins that have real adoption to our everyday life`s will be good!
Like steemit some other good projects.

Wao what a great dance. Hopefully this news true. Steem price to much in these days. Everyone more worry about steem price. Steem price going up soon as soon. Your looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this valuable and informative video. @Broncnutz.

These guys look serious about finding the truth about the twin towers hope it with be released fully someday.

all of our hopes, hopefully the price of steem will immediately increase, because this is a dream for all of us to be better and more excited

When BTC hits the moon again, so will Steem!
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You talk right sir @broncnutz its decreasing day by day, by the way i sanguine its a high so imediete and we are enjoying this moment

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WWG1WGA! I became aware of the corruption on 9/11 and it has been a constant struggle for truth. Regardless if ransom is paid this truth will be known.

Where the hell did his account go??

If this were true, this would make my day! Let's keep a close watch on this.

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maybe they convert the bitcoin into Steem into!

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I do think that the @darkoverlord should consider steemit to be their document warehouse because nobody can censor them plus people possibly will flock here because of the attention they will get @broncnutz

I gave them a follow! And you too! I love your energy and man oh man do I hope this is true!! I hope they show us the goods! I never believed what I was told... I want to know! :P



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hope its true

¡"Las cosas cambian"!.. Hay que aprovechar los tiempos de abundancia. Saludos Bro..

so these guys claim to have some condemning documents, but they hold them ransom until the public pays up......or am I missing something here?

haha nice theory xD

Even if they are legit and have the goods, I'm not totally convinced that it's a good thing for Steem overall. I certainly don't think it's a given that it'll help the price of Steem, but I've still got my fingers crossed.

Hes Banned from Steemit now btw

Really? Thats Lame!!!!

Hmmmm... why they pages close ... @thedarkoverlord... I was want see if they are real ... so how did this happen?

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