ThunderSpace X Are Go!

in dtube •  2 months ago 

If you believe these jokers do not watch this video! SpaceX is for losers who want to believe the government and all it stands for, the point of the backing track is that SpaceX are controlled by puppet masters like the Thunderbird characters.

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Why would they waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of rocket fuel on a hoax? Aren't lots of independent observers tracking this capsule there and back again? Some of whom would love nothing more than to point at a hoax and say, "Aha! Your government are lying to you! And here's our proof.." But they don't.

Can bitter enemies on the chessboard of earth agree to keep huge secrets because it helps them tell the same lie to their own peoples? I seriously doubt it.


why is there no pictures of the earth, all CGI, don't know whats wrong but something is up, did you see isreal picture of earth you can see the string.

We are cattle in this world something aint right, can't put my finger on it.


I'd love to see that string picture :D Sounds like a laugh.

Upvoted & Resteemed, for the lulz