Help me get the Brexit leave petition UP and WIN GOLD!

in dtube •  2 months ago 

I've changed the prize, will now give 3 x 1/4 oz Queens Beast BU Gold Coins as a prize for signing petition. Sign the petition and send the verification to [email protected] along with which queens beast you want, we must leave the EU!

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Petition signed :)
QB lions are clearly the Regal choice.

They replied to the petition, saying:
"The deal that we have reached with the EU is the right one for the United Kingdom. Leaving without a deal would risk uncertainty for the economy, for business and for citizens."

Frankly, the millions of signatures, real or not, on the Remain Petition means fuck all. These petitions only get them to discuss it in a little Parliament side-room for 5 minutes and it gets a canned answer.

Upvoted & Resteemed, for Brexit's sake!

I signed and sent it off to you brother.