Royal Mint Devalue's Kew Garden Coin

in dtube •  2 months ago 

Royal Mint are dumping loads of Kew Gardens 50p’s on the market, devaluing the original coin, which collectors have spent time and money collecting. Just shows that the Royal Mint only cares about the money they make.

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It's a markedly different version of the coin, unlike some of the recent sovereigns and those ridiculous silver christening coins which, inside the box, is identical to other coins.

In this case, only the ignorant will pay out of pocket for the Mint BU and for 2ndary market Of that BU as if it was the OG Kew.

The smallest bit of research on a shitty Daily Mail website article will show Joe Blogs that this 2019 one is a right royal rip-off and not something to go mad bidding for.

Upvoted & Resteemed, for clarity sake.

I was very fortunate to find my 2009 Kew gardens 50p in change.

I do hate how the RM have become more dependent on sales to the public rather than actually minting coins. Just wondering where all there profits filter back to??