Brexit is Dead!

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We've been sold down the river, we need to march in protest! The political 'elite' do not respect the voter, to them we are scum.

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It will sort itself out in the end.

I have a growing suspicion (or a mad hope) that Parliament is playing a bipartisan pretence of rejecting deal after deal to push the EU to the very edge, as a negotiating tactic. For the good of the country they make this pact, and will go right back to fighting over control of it once Brexit's done.

What can May say when the jealous Commies and some of her own people don't like what the EU is offering? She becomes a de facto partner with the EU in getting a deal that is acceptable to her 'opposition' which re-frames the conversation with her as almost as an ally. Now you might say it was always that way, since she was a Remainer, but she has a legacy to consider that is far greater than her own opinion on the matter.

Ultimately I hope the EU get the worst possible deal for them that they would ever consider, in part out of fear of the upcoming EU elections.

As sick as I am of Brexit, the timeline might just be genius.

The truth was, I was on the fence - IN/OUT. I kept telling myself "better the devil you know" and all that.I voted to leave the European Union in the end for personal reasons and I'm so glad I did.

I hope the masses now see the state this once great country has become. The political elite are laughing at the idiots that put them there. A change is coming and I hope the country is ready. Its not going to be pretty. I only started collecting silver a few months back and I don't own any gold, but I'm working on getting some 24k gold Mene.

I personally won't be voting ever again in any elections. Its proven to me that they don't care about the "will" of the people. Its all about what's best for THEM. I no longer want anything to do with their game and thier agenda.


I voted to remain just before red-pilling myself. Woops!

So much for referendums ^^
If this doesn't wake up the fluoridated masses, nothing will.

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Upvoted & Resteemed, for Brexit sake.

I feel betrayed and let down, no other way to explain it.