Unboxing Queens Beast 10oz

in dtube •  5 months ago 

Love the 10oz Queens Beast, don’t you? Take a look at this beauty, keep stacking people!

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Beautiful coin , keep stacking mate . Cheers mike

How did you not pay VAT on it?

Upvoted & Resteemed, for VAT's sake.

Wow, just wow. I'd like to know how you don't pay vat too. I'm a new collector and I wanted to buy the queen's beasts but after adding them to my basket at the Royal mint the price jumped when they added vat.

If you want I can help, vat is the killer 20% but there is always a way

If you can arrange a VAT-free group order.. that could be massive. Especially post Brexit when EU silver might be a no-go.

⬆️I'd be interested in a vat free shopping spree 😂

Hey buddy, good job on cleaning out the RM (again). I don't own any of the 10oz QB yet, but I bet they'd look really great out on display.

One of the good reasons for buying in Canada is that we are VAT free. I have all the 10oz Queen's Beasts for a little over spot each.