Dutch Lion Dollar preview, jump on these fast!

in dtube •  2 months ago

One of the best coins on the planet, as you know I love the Netherlands/Dutch Lion Dollar. They are short in supply and selling out fast, get one quick - follow this link:


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Holy crap, how many are in your cart?

Oh you were testing the upper limits, haha..

Just a little out of my price range my friend. I'm still very new to the hole stacking thing. I only have a few ounces of silver, but I'm hoping to pick up a new 1 this week.

Keep sharing these beautiful coins and one day I'll be able to get one myself.

Thank you

Upvoted & Resteemed.. voor Goddsnaam.


in Godsnaam ;)


That's what my Translator told me to write too!
But doesn't this mean "in god's name" rather than "for god's sake" ?
Couldn't find a more specific translation :P

Gold ones now are SOLD OUT: However I ordered the proof silver one already BUT the restrike Dukaton on the same website I ordered too in that delft blue package. Only 199 EUR hahaha for 1 proof ounce.