The Un-Democratic Democracy of the United Kingdom

in dtube •  2 months ago 

We have no freedom, the government do not listen to us, ban free speech, we are all doomed I say, doomed!

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Yes they have proven beyond any doubt they are a load of gobshites . Cheers

Mayhem in the UK!

Not sure about this EU army stuff, but the UK seems determined to keep one foot in the door of EU intelligence sharing, supposedly for everyone's sake. Maybe Johson didn't veto any of it because he knows the moment we triggered article 50 his veto wouldn't count for shit and they'd steamroller on over it with a new version of it, sans Britain's input. A pragmatic non-veto.

Upvoted & Resteemed, for fuck's sake. Get on with it, gov!

Just be done with it and get out of the sinking ship.

We need a more agorist approach what right do these corrupt slime to tell me what to do anyways. Agreed Brexit will never happen and never was going too. We have already signed into the EU army. I wish people would wakeup and be responsible for their own lives 💯🐒