What You NEED To Start Creating Video Content For D.Tube (Camera, Lighting, Audio, etc.)

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I hope you guys are gearing up to have a fantastic NYE night, I know a few of you have asked me to talk about cameras and equipment used to film so I wanted to post this video to show the equipment I use as well as what you could use to start with very minimal costs - such as using your phone to record!

Creating content takes a lot of time and it can be frustrating but if you find you love it, it can be the most rewarding thing ever! It also trains a lot of skills like detail orientation, mental discipline, creativity, etc.

When I first started I had no idea where to go, so hopefully this video can steer you in the right direction if you are wanting to get started! And you should, cause Dtube is AWESOME!!!

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Hey brian,thanks for the video....it really says alot and has given sths i needed......thanks again really love reading your post tho.....

Thanks for this information. This kind of stuff is always helpful!


Hello there...please follow me, and I will follow you back ;)


Yes that Cannon Camera is a Nifty tool. I will need to grab me one so I may start Dtubing.


Thanks for the love man, I think this will help people who want to start posting on D.tube! Especially some of my friends

Thanks for the info! Good luck with your new vids!

I'm going to start creating Dtube contents using cell phone cam only. Lets see how that goes!

i clicked on your link and there is spot on my screen that landed right over your tooth, and my first impression was you had a gold tooth. Then I scrolled down, lol. Anyways, followed you. Happy new year


bahha that's hilarious!


Hah! I know right!


That’s freaking hilarious hahaha happy new year brother!


Hahah yess happy new yearr!

Thanks a lot. I have not been doing videos so far, but this would help for a start!

happy happy ~~^^

Thanks for a great, and informative video. I'm been thinking about starting a YouTube channel, but I figured those guys had many thousands of dollars worth of equipment. I appreciate your effort, I'm gonna follow you. Thanks.


I started with a cell phone. I believe you have a computer. Well then get a web cam and start vlogging.


I think I might give it a shot. I'd probably go ahead and start posting to solely to DTube, although I inadvently said YouTube above. It shows you how embedded they are in our culture. Instead of searching for something, we Google it.

I don't really agree with some of the stuff that Google/YouTube are doing, anymore than I agree with Facebook and Twitter's policies. Maybe you can tell from my name? lol

Thanks again.


Reading your user name was the first thing i did. I agree with you. Youtube has been very restrictive lately. They are censoring a lot of content because of advertisers and all. This is what happens when a business model depends mostly on Wall street.


Exactly, money talks. Like I said, I may not agree with the content that they censor and demonetize, but these people aren't broadcasting child pornography, or plotting to overthrow the government. They just have different opinions and political views. I've seen people put in Facebook jail for the most ridiculous reasons, it's crazy, and Facebook, Google/YouTube, and Twitter are all exactly the same.

I saw that Facebook is now, with the help of Israel, removing all content that shows Israel in a bad light. I won't get into the whole Israel/Palestine mess, but in the US at least, at one time anyway, that's how you kept the government (somewhat) in check, by exposing their dirty deeds.

That's why I see Steemit, and DTube as very important. There's freedom to post pretty much what you want. Unfortunately, with these whale accounts having so much power, as evident in these Flagging Wars, I can see the day when certain groups invest heavily into Steem, and/or buy some of these extremely powerful whale accounts, and effectively censoring that they find objectionable here also. Unfortunately, money always rules.

I tend to be the paranoid, and prone to believe at least some conspiracy theories type though. lol

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You don't need the best equipment. It is more about the content and being able to make it often. I thought of trying this in the past on YouTube but I gave up due to lack of interest.


Yes, I'm sure the content is what matters most.

This was really good information. thanks for posting and keep it up

thanks for the information its very helpful

While i find this video very helpful, i was just wondering if there was a way for maybe cheaper alternatives that work just as well


The mobile phone is probably going to be your cheapest option that most people have that is still clear quality. Otherwise you could use any camera under $100 if you don't mind clear quality

Discovered Dtube a couple of days ago and wanted to start creating content for it. Maybe I will first collect some footage and publish videos later on. Thanks for your video!

happy new year bro ,and thanks for this post ,its useful for me

Good video!

Seriously good video mate, keep it up

wow. this is really helpful. Am a newbie on dtube, and am a Nigerian and i wish to venture into vlogging later on. learnt a lot from this video.saving money to ship these equipments


I'm really glad that this helpful for you man!

Hey Brian Turner,
My name is also Brian Turner! I am just getting started here on YouTube and Steemit. I want to make a bunch of cool videos, and also get into bodybuilding more. I am definitely going to check out some of your posts! I look forward to your future content!


Ayyyy that's awesome! Welcome to the platform Brian Turner :D

Hey man, just found your channel, great info and JUST what I was looking for. All the best in 2018

Short, sharp & to the point. Enjoyed watching & learning from this excellent video! Happy New Year! Looking forward to checking out your future DTube videos. Upvoted, followed & resteemed.



After 10 Years 80% will be video on internet
So We Should Seriously Get into Video Making



Woww!! You're Video's share is amazing..
i dont want to make a vlog, but i think that microphone can use on podcast also. I plan to making podcast, and will post it on youtube. do you think is good to post a podcast on youtube? or D tube?


You might want to check out a snowball or yeti microphone!

thanks for this informative think i will purchase this equipment and i will follow you

Happy New Year bro @yeminthu

Thank you very much for the informations.
It will really help me.

Happy new yer!

I've been doing single cut iPhone videos for a few weeks now and realise I need to get some kit together to get the show on the road properly!

Cheers for the tips!

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ello everyone! I've heard many of you guys say that the Make a video course was getting too old and frankly I've never been fully satisfied with it so I decided to make this post as the first one in a mini-series on creating your first game. It's of course super beginner oriented (just like Make a Game) but I hope the more experienced of you will forgive me for that! :D I will of course still be doing more advanced tutorials! Anyway, hope you like the post :D

@ brianturner so interessing post thank you so much for sharing
happy new year good luck


may i share your post,
if please please vote me yes.
I also want a lot of votes like you

Very helpful info. I myself have a couple quality cameras that take good video and stills. But the screens do not flip around so shooting pics or videos of myself is frustrating. Such a minor feature but very important.

Hey Brian thanks for your video. Do you have any tips on getting royalty free music for your videos? I found myself struggling in finding good quality music which is royalty free and not too expensive. Thank you so much.


Sorry, I didn't realise I was posting this many times! I'm new to Dtube and I was trying to figure out how to post my comment...

Hey Brian thanks for your video. Do you have any tips on getting royalty free music for your videos? I found myself struggling in finding good quality music which is royalty free and not too expensive. Thank you so much.

Hey Brian thanks for your video. Do you have any tips on getting royalty free music for your videos? I found myself struggling in finding good quality music which is royalty free and not too expensive. Thank you so much.

I am doing youtube since last 4 years. I am thinking of Dtube. But i find it slow to load and all. Will be giving it a try tough.

happy new year @brianturner

This is such great, well delivered info. Thank you! This is the first time I'm seeing a video of yours. I've been considering switching to vlogging for a bit. Still not sure if I can do it, but I appreciate all the info!

@brianturner You know something, I always see your publication to inspire me Someday I will be in trend and you will see me. I always see you ... greetings and may God bless you and spend a happy year full of blessings, this has nothing to do with your subject, but with the treatment of what you read

very good follow me @danu-drj

lookin sexy bro. happy new years ;)

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The first thing you should do is get the name of the platform you are creating content for correct...


The information is still exactly the same, value is still the same


I understand that bro but the least you could do is change the thumbnail or create original content from time to time.

You came from Youtube to Dtube and post literally the exact same content. I get it, your content has value. But it’s a seperate platform with a seperate fan base.

It lacks originality when you throw the same content on DTube solely for the purpose of monetization.

And if you disagree, go have a read of Gary Vaynerchuks book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.


I appreciate and value the opinion - I am not sure if this is the first video you've seen me post but I make original videos for Steemit as well and drive people here through my youtube. I'm here for the long haul and want to add value to the community, I don't think that content is pointless because it was made for a different platform. The camera equipment is still relevant, food recipes are still relevant, lifting advice is still relevant, fitness advice is still relevant.

I just finished up a 10-episode fitness series that helped steemians learn how to gear up to become fit in the new year. I'm here man - all love, positive energies dude.

Great tutorial on making videos for DTube. Much appreciated!


Thanks for the support!

Tried it too it's damn awesome

Thanks for having this funny inside view to the (for me as well to use DTube, which I now find out) and the camera stuff. Thanks for talking fast. I love it!!!

Great Post on making videos i for one is a culprit of using my cloth to clean my lens. thanks for the information

Cool thanks, wanting to get it to it soon and see what happens :)

Just discovered Dtube and am looking forward to jumping on it with our content! What's been your best video yet, @brianturner?


Shoot, it looks like THIS one! haha

Thanks for sharing!!! these kinds of information are helpful.
I've never enjoyed before as I am enjoying working on Steemit.

I'm thinking about Dtube. Maybe i should join dtube too.

Nothing is impossible.
As you said, you can shoot with the cell phone, use natural sunlight, there are free editors that are acceptable and maybe invest in a microphone that also exists for cell phones and they are not very expensive.

This greatly important and useful equipment

Love the content brother. You never disappoint. Thanks for all the tips on here and discord.


keep it up brother
lots of love
keep spreading your strong words
support the new ones @brianturner

I am in beginner shoes right now and this is post is appreciated. Your insights will be implemented. Best of luck in the New Year!

happy new year bro goodluck @rastalikelove

Hey man thanks for the video, i am just getting started it is very helpful for me as a beginner!

Thanks for the video. Great tip on lighting, just what I needed.

Canon gang whut whut !

Happy new year and thanks for the tips.