How To Get a GREAT Workout At Any Hotel While Traveling (BACK WORKOUT)

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When you're on the road and traveling a bunch it can be easy to not workout but you can workout at ANY hotel! Today I want to show you how to get an amazing back workout in your limited gym. I know a lot of us are on the computer a BUNCH, probably with our shoulders rounded forward and our heads cocked down and this means that WE of all people definitely need to be doing some sort of lifting and exercise!

Along with being on the computer a good portion of us are constantly traveling which can really cause you to STOP all fitness because of the lack of corporate gyms and whatnot BUT very often there is a hotel with a small gym and this is how you can utilize those opportunities!


I can't explain how grateful I've been over the last month to find such huge support and such an awesome place to create content for! Let me know if you have any video ideas you'd like me to cover!

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I do a lot of travel as a geology consultant now 5. I used to just pack a couple of bodylastics system handles, and a few black, red and green resistance bands in my hand luggage. That way even in your hotel room you can at least train. You get a couple of funny looks at airport security put worth it.

This is a great video BTW, def been to a few hotels where I've been told there was a gym, walked in and been like ahhh. Same with some mine sites.

For anyone interested in a throw in the bag kit, consider the bodylastic bands, fairly cheap on Amazon. I got their MMA training kit, but I see they have improved it slightly in the 5 years I've had it:

I love this! I absolutely love fitness and all the benefits that come with it. So I love posts such as these! Thank you for sharing!

I am definitely guilty of letting myself go when I travel. I always think that vacation time does not count. Lol Good job for keeping up with the fitness commitment

♥♥excilent photography dear bro i like it and good job♥♥

It's good to make sure our body is always in share. Keep it up coz you're doing a great job :)

Just get those muscles lol!! Love this post! Keep it up!

that body weight calisthenics move for the win!

hahah always supporting the calisthenics!

Had to click after seeing Chelsea and Alyse in the thumbnail! Vegan power! Yew 😁

Oh you know them both! Glad to see people on steemit and dtube who know my really good friends!

Yeah! Those girls are awesome! You should recommend joining Steemit to them if you haven't already 😊

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Wow!. This workout was of great help. Thanks.
Thumbs up!.

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