Asia is good for that in general. Wherever you can teach English without experience and get a decent salary is a place that will attract people like that. My life in China is better than my current life in Canada but I'm up for the challenge.

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I hear what you are saying. Right now would probably be a tough time in Canada in some respects because for now it sounds like you are back at your parents place so you feel like you can't really work the Toronto dating scene like you could over in China and then on top of that it is cold and gloomy.
That is how it is in Indiana. Plus I wrecked my sister's snowmobile last winter.
Right now I have a lot of stuff in the pipeline and I"m getting fairly strong so I"m not as depressed but last year if I was here for 2 weeks I was like ...... get me the fuck out of here and I would go to Florida or Thailand.....etc.

How long can you come to the United States if you come here?

Its tough because I still have to build my life up again and earn more money. Obviously id prefer to have my own place. Its ok though, my parents wouldn't mind me bringing girls over from time to time 😆.

As a Canadian, there is no set time limit for being in the US. It's very lax and you can stay there as long as you want as long as it doesnt look like youre trying to live there.

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"Is Kenan lifting weights up there or should we prepare for grand children?!?!" LOL

I figured it was basically like that. Last time I went to Canada they just asked if we had any guns and asked us what we were doing and how long we planned to be up there and we said we were going to the national parks....etc

I really like Canada. Michigan is under rated as well though in the United States. There is still a lot of stuff I haven't seen in the United States to be honest.

😁😁. My dad would be proud of me either way.

I definitely need to go to the USA again. I'm thinking my next trip will include Lousiana to see my oldest brother.

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