Break Out The Crazy - Keep Me Falling (Music Video)

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

This is the official video of our new single “Keep Me Falling”. We shot it on our iPhones and had a huge blast making it. Originally meant to be viewed on phones we shot the whole thing vertically but made this horizontal version exclusively for computer and tv screens. Please like and share if you enjoy!

Mix: Ricardo “Strings” Ramos
Master: Dave Kutch
Written by: Chris Hierro & Katya Diaz

This song is available to Download/Stream Everywhere, including DSound!

For more info in us visit:

Thank You!

Chris & Katya

  • Break Out The Crazy

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wow that has been a while :) Welcome back I suppose? , great song !! real potential !! Thanks for sharing !!

Thanks! Always doing something. Gotta keep creating.

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