This J Crushed Me | Morning Smoke Sesh

in #dtube4 years ago

Hats off to decentralized uncensored media! Enjoy a smoke sesh with me. We're smoking a nice, medical marijuana joint on this fine California morning. Leave a comment if you smoke and I will follow you

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Great video! I'm a regular smoker, nearly every day. We get some great stuff up here in Canada. I love that we can be open about cannabis on the Steem network and not end up flagged or demonetized. Definitely subscribed!

Hats off to you and California.
I enjoyed reading the new law on recreational use in your state.
In Austria, the situation is getting worse.
With Weed still illegal, even for medical purpose/treatment, we still are allowed to buy seeds or plants, as long as we don‘t use them to grow potent marihuana. As „ornamental plants“ so to say.
However, the recently elected government is now working on prohibiting plants and seeds too.
Therefore we are going in the wrong direction and I can‘t be more disappointed.
Still, I‘m happy for you folks over there!

I smoke every single day of the year, like I was instructed to do in that Dr. Dre song all of those years ago. I am pretty new here on Steemit and am posting a lot of weed related material, as well as trying to interact with the cannabis community here.

Welcome to Steemit. Subscribed!

haha hell yeah!
Thanks for reaching out. I subscribed to you. I know the smoke network on Steemit is a place stoners congregate but I haven't engaged too much there myself yet.
Welcome to Steemit!

How much is an ounce in cali?

Good question!
I can't remember the last time I bought an ounce since I grew my own this last season and I know legalization changed the prices some so I'm not really sure.
If I do buy I just get eighths delivered through eaze which runs from 40 for common strains to like 70 for more exotic ish

Geezus that's pricey. I pay $180/oz at most. Thats top shelf dispensary grade cannabis too! Never more than $10/g. Basic concentrates like shatter or butter are never any more than $50/g here.

Great post thanks for sharing, wish I lived in Cali man..... Piece!

Thank you! Just subscribed to you :)
Yeah man it's nice over here. I'm very grateful

We call it “morning glory”

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Hi Brandomoon, what is the quality of the medical marijuana out in California ?

blaze it up amigo :)
love from austria

this is why i LOVE this platform; you can talk about whatever makes you passionate and weed makes some of us passionate :) super cool that youre using your voice to connect with other cannibis lovers in this way!! can't wait to see what else you produce!

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