[dtube] Bitcoin Diamond gets pumped - Walton - Neo Trinity

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0:38 Bitcoin Diamond - Key Overview
3:29 Walton Announcement
4:00 Crypto is not zero sum
5:16 Neo Trinity State Channels - Raiden Network for Neo

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Zclassic is bringing bitcoin private fork, google search their reddits and twitters and get on that train! If satoshi is alive and still owns his keys he can move his bitcoin private and not reveal himself...this is big...might be bigger than bitcoin cash even with Bitmain accepting it exclusively


Had a good laugh. Thanks for sharing :)


That was worthy of a vote! :D

Been trying the links, they are not going through. Why ??

agree with you that Crypto is not zero sum game.

I've watched a couple of your videos. Keep up the good work!

Good post frends

I'm very happy when I see your link
Very good post

Really nice article and post . I like it. Thanks for sharing.

That BCD pump was nuts.

Really wish Trezor supported the Bitcoin Diamond fork :(((

Incredible pump!!

hmm but its a shady project lets see were it goes , and walton coin is also good bet ... ;-)

Dear Sir. I am a student. Will cryptocurrency best for us? Because my told to ask you so please Sir guide me. Please

Nice post. I only heard about this Bitcoin diamond here. I'll check it out thanks to you my friend :)

Haha...I saw it when it was at 192% and I was baffled about what caused it. After doing some research, I resolved it was going to keep going up. Last time I checked, it was at 433% ...lol crypto is really crazy you know

The fact that Bitcoin Diamond get pumped is expected considering the full impact the currency is making in cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin remains the coin to beat. I upvote you.

What you thinkabout btc reputation in 2018 year will it increase or decrease

I wish I wouldn't sell my BCD before, but can't complain, still free money!!

Nowadays every coin was pumping by doing hardFork
Bitcoin Diamond being pumped
@boxmining thanks for sharing.

Great, now I have something to watch tonight on Dtube 😊

Thank you for video.I am addicted about cryptocurrency too! I started from 1000% and showing my progress on d.tube.
If you have time — pls check my first attempt and leave your comments. Thanks in advance!

Btc has been one of the greatest trading techniques...
Thanks for this post, I've really learnt more. Keep the good works going, there will definitely be a light at the end of the tunnel. My upvote is of No worth because am a newbie here but I'm supporting you with my comment and so you can check my introduction post and recent posts and help upvote for me and also follow me in return. Thanks for this post

I thank you! Do you have updates on mining websites?