[dtube] What is Binance (BNB) in a Nutshell [updated]

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Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange that is getting a lot of attention recently. In this episode talk about the exchange itself, its business strategy and uses for the Binance Coin (BNB).
0:30 Binance Exchange
1:55 Trade Volumes
2:35 Trade Capacity
3:00 "Pro" mode user interface
4:50 Binance and Chinese ICOs
7:23 Binance Coin (BNB)

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Thanks michael, good video

Binance is on its way to become one fo the most powerful exchange in the world, thanks to you and us all concerned with quality and potency. The power of decentralization, as shown by the Bitshares related environments, is slowly creeping into people's mind as they see the control exerted by the insidious centralized movement.

Thanks a lot for another great quality post! Namaste :)

Since Binance is Chinese & the PRC government is very much opposed to (particularly state-independent) cryptocurrencies, which safeguards are in place in case they make trading cryptocurrencies completely illegal?
I've opened an account on Binance, but haven't yet used it. Would be interesting to know the political risks first.

We need STEEM/BTC, STEEM/ETH and STEEM/USDT pairs on Binance ASAP. Their process is to file an application, a voting process, and coin selection. Anybody can file an application for a coin, however, they prefer someone from core developer team.

Michael, thanks for another good video.

I've never tried binance, mayne Its time to gibe it a try!

Yep Binance by far the best exchange I saw so far. Tried exchanges like Bittrex, Bitfinex, poloniex etc. But in my opinion binance is way better than the others.

Thanks for the video! Didn't know much about Binance so this was really interesting ;)

I really wish decentralized exchanges would take off a little more... there seems to be some good options "on the surface," but they also seem to lack the liquidity and range of the likes of Poloniex, Bittrex, etc.

I am not sure WHAT can be done to make the decentralized option more "visible," and I also have to wonder if there-- ultimately-- is a trust issue there. Much as we are all busy trading decentralized currencies, when it comes to trading, do wee require (psychologically) a "someone" to be in charge? I don't know so really just throwing another question out there.

Binance is good as far as buying and selling. But an exchange without a stop loss... honestly how can you even open an exchange without one? Too bad. Lots of stuff I'd love to trade on there.

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it sound event promotion. lol

Hey @boxmining! Would you take a look at Xtrabytes? I think it has a bright future and would be great to hear your opinion on it. 👍 Love your videos, they actually made me more interested into the crypto world.

your every video i like..i say that..just a needable..

Thanks for nice information sharing

good content, great presentation. I'm trying to educate as well, raising crypto awareness in east Africa. upvoting goes a very long way for me to make this worth it. thanks!

Thanks for nice information

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new to cryptos! getting sucked in fast. thanks!

I like to use Bittrex and Binance. Both of these exchanges are great.

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I've been trading in Binance since month and found it is trustworthy and better so far than many other exchanges. Hope it will continue offering honest services, which is rare among crypto exchanges.

I like the explanation very much Thanks :)

One of the reasons is because it is the easiest exchange for US residents to purchase IOTA.

I formative and detailed! Thank you @boxmining !

Just started using Binance, doesn't feel as good as Bittrex yet but I reall like the exchange.

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I set up a Binance account a few days ago. Send a bit of BTC and snagged some alt. Pretty neat platform but I'm not putting too much trust in it. Chinese govt not liking crypto too much so don't want to risk having too much in the exchange. With that being said, though, I'm still playing around with it a ton.

Wonder if you can arbitrage with it? I notice sometimes LTC going wayyyyy lower than what's in Coinbase. Possible to maybe buy low, transfer over for an uptick?