[dtube] Daily: IOTA storms the market / China says Bitcoin will Die

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IOTA is storming the market today after announcements that it is partnering up with Microsoft. We also have the Governor of People's Bank of China voicing that Bitcoin will die.
0:56 Market Analysis
3:41 PBoC Governor Believes Bitcoin Will Die, But Chinese Market Disagrees
5:11 Largest US Options Exchange CBOE to Enable Bitcoin Futures Trading by December 10

Brendan Eich Interview:

WaltonChain Video:

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I am hoping for a bright future of Iota and lots of gains, i got in at 2.90$ lets hope we can make some $$$$$$.

Bitcoins problem are the high transaction fees, it is killing itself! Nobody wants to pay a 100$ fee


it will integrate the lightning network soon - no fees fast transactions - 100k per bitcoin by 2019


Does that mean I don't need my Bitcoin Cash anymore?

With current price of $5.27 and a market cap of over $14b, IOTA is certainty taking the bulls by their horns to become world's fourth crypto currency. The time to invest is now.

essential post

I like IOTA Concept. I just bought IOTA at Binance.com Price is going up so fast $4.31 today. Cool!

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