[dtube] Daily: IOTA keeps pushing higher / CryptoKitties ???

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IOTA keeps pushing high on excitement about their partnership with Microsoft. Cryptokitties storm the market and show that Blockchain and gaming are meant to be.
1:26 Market Analysis (IOTA & more)
2:20 What is IOTA
4:25 Cryptokitties and Gameflip
6:30 Bitcoin “GOD” fork
7:30 Bitfinex, Threatens Critics With Legal Action
8:37 Tokyo Financial Exchange to Begin Planning for BTC Futures
Cryptokitties: https://www.cryptokitties.co
Gameflip: https://tokensale.gameflip.com
Bitcoin God: https://news.bitcoin.com/more-bitcoin-fork-clones-on-the-way-bitcoin-god-will-be-born-on-xmas-day/

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Yeah, I'm still amazed how IOTA kept on creeping up after I bought it a few weeks ago... WOW!

Ethereum "Trojan Horse Kittens" are making some serious ripples and will definitely underline the importance of infinite scalability and speed of transaction processing. My guess is, the Bitshares environment will gather it all on the long run!?.

Thanks a lots of your information, it helps us all, namaste :)

The Bitfinex lawsuit is is not helping the company's already battered image. Why can't these guys release a proper audit to quell the Tether rumors?


maybe cuz they have nothing to back up their claim they are all legit :/ ?

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that's great bro.. keep to it