[dtube] Daily: Bitcoin Drop = Bitcoin Bubble? China hints OTC trade violates the law

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With Bitcoin prices dropping by 15% today, are we seeing the first signs of a Bitcoin Bubble?
0:57 Market Analysis
4:00 China State TV: OTC Bitcoin Platforms May Violate Law
5:08 South Korea Nears Mandating Regulations for Bitcoin Exchanges
5:08 Crypto Corrupts the Youth? South Korea Prime Minister Says So
6:19 Coinbase Wins Partial Victory Over IRS, Government Data Request Reduced
7:10 Wall Street Journal: Nasdaq to Offer Bitcoin Futures in June 2018

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China hints OTC trade violates the law: https://www.coindesk.com/china-state-tv-otc-bitcoin-platforms-may-violate-regulation/

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Thanks for the useful insight! I am very new to this whole cryptocurrency playing field and your video helps with understanding how the world sees this! Cheers brother! #bringitforward

Good video as always!

bitcoin droped a litle to breath before $15,000 👊

images (1).jpg

There is still a lot left to occur.. the correction has not hit yet, so says the charts. Remember the initial drop from $5000 to $3000.. and equal drop here would be in the $6700 dollar range. Or the drop from $7800 to $5400 and equivalent drop would be $7800.. Though we are much further overextended this time around.. Not sure of the bottom, only that this little drop was not it..

Then I its time to sell BTC and buy it back on the dip.

that's a dangerous game to play.....

Everything is just awesome in crypto right now, let's celebrate !!

Nice post!!

good video, it's the first video I see on this platform :)

everythings die on day

Thanks for crypto news it's a cryptocurrency playing field and your video helps with understanding how the world sees this...cheers @boxmining 👍👍

Nice review as always man! Thanks! I notice you're on Dtube now. Are you moving everything there? Just so I know to create an account as not used it before.

All that talk of bubbles! I've been worried the last few weeks the same as many others, but man, it's just so hard to time the market like you say!

May the force be with us all and may the new Star Wars see the return of Han Solo.... :)

To be fair China is being authoritarian society in which the government wants to control every part of society will be afraid of Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies general because it is decentralized and is not controlled by the Communist Party and that's the Paranoia surrounding them. And also the state Run Chinese media is state run so we cannot trust anything that they say to

For most people 10 k was a good time to take out, I would say 15k soon like voiloo

I think if you look at the whole thing from a value perspective you'll find that the explosive growth of the value of BitCoin is being driven by the general investment in decentralized technologies at large. We're seeing spikes because of speculation from investors who operate terms of short-term profits. I think as time goes along we'll see healthy growth over time along the spectrum of different cryptocurrencies that are currenctly in circulation. I think ICO's are where it's at for the next few months until Bitcoin enters into the pre-20,000/Coin range.

What do I know though I'm just an idiot.

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Thank you for the post!!!
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Ah, I'm sorry to disagree with you, but saying 'Bitcoin crashed' is super click-baity. This was just the market settling. After such an incredible rocket rise over the last week or so the market had to consolidate and correct. It didn't at all crash, not even close. :)

good video, it's the first video I see on this platform :)

love the videos. !

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