2 Minutes with the Farmer: Feeding Hay in Kentucky!!!

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Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are talking about feeding hay and how we do it in Kentucky. By far the biggest expense any cattle farmer has is hay. It is a necessary expense to keep the cows alive but often it is the variable between profit and loss.

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!


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hope you and your family are allright!
Missing the 2 Minutes with the farmer!

Thank you. We are all doing great.

Hope all is going well for you

perfect. It could be better, but my family got safe through corona.
Stay safe and free!

Hello, how are you? Long time no see. Waiting for your next video.

Hello, how are you?
Long time no see. Waiting for
Your next video.

                 - putu300

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you for missing me. It has been a crazy week here on the farm. I will make more videos soon. Hope all is well for you!

Thank you. You too.

hope you are all good on the farm

Howdy sir Farmer! Don't mean to pester you but what happened and how's it going? Did you give up on the platform?

Howdy there! We are all doing great here on the farm. How are you doing?

The short answer to your question is I started to get alittle uncomfortable. We started having people contact us outside of Steemit. It was my own fault. I should have never used my real name. They were the type of people a guy with a young family would not want around. So the wife and I decided it wasn’t worth it any more.

Thank you for checking on us. I appreciate it.

Howdy sir Farmer! I totally agree with your decision then but man, I sure miss your posts! But I assume you check your comments occasionally to see if any of your followers have contacted you?

We're doin great here on our country place. The virus hasn't really affected us. But I'm stepping way back from steemit/hive because after 2 years of spending all my time here with pretty much nothing to show for it Mrs. J. said that was enough. lol.

So now I'm just trying to keep in touch with a few people and support them but I'm almost totally out. Thanks so much for getting back to me, greatly appreciate it sir Farmer!

Glad to hear you two are still doing well!!!! A lot of people are laying off the platforms. no worries. Be well my friend and stay free!

Howdy squirrelbait! What are you doing here? lol. How's it going and are you still posting? Nevermind, I'll go look! Good to hear from you.

Howdy sir Farmer! I always enjoyed feeding the cattle, especially in the winter with hay so they come running. lol.

HEY BO...not sure if you are still checking on here or not but I'm really hoping you and the family are doing well as we have not heard anything from you in a while! Shalom

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