2 Minutes with the Farmer: Watching the Kid Goats Play!!!

in #dtube4 years ago

Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer if you like cute baby goats you are in for a treat. In today’s video we are going to watch our new baby goats play. There is nothing much cuter on the farm than new born baby goats. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for spending 2 minutes with me!


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Those lil goats are hilarious lol Looks like they make awesome pets, wish i had the property for that!

They are a lot of fun. If you ever get a chance I recommend them;)

Hello my friend! :D

They are adorable and I can totally see why you'd be a bit partial to that little red gal, she's gorgeous. :D

I love that little back massage from 2:03 to the end, I bet that mom was enjoying it too. :D Who wouldn't love a nice massage after a busy day of nursing your kid(s) and trying to avoid the other mom's kid(s), LOL. :D

God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Thank you so much. Hope you and your family are doing well

We are all doing well, thank you. :D

Howdy sir Farmer! Those guys are great, that oopsie will make you more money this year won't it?

If we can get them to breed back and have babies again this year. We will see

Cuteness overdose! Baby goats are just so funny when they run and jump. :)

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